In the fast paced life, students face numerous challenges in the form of academic pressures, decisions related to future career, etc. Zefinity is here to streamline your path toward the success.

We have taken the initiative to reach out to students and help them with their career and admission choices by providing career counselling and overseas education counselling.

Career Counselling

Organizing Psychometric Tests & Evaluation

We assess the skills, knowledge and personality of the students and then suggest a career option that ticks all the boxes.

Correlating with prospective career options

We introduce various career options to them and help them take a decision on the grounds of personal inputs, interests, choice of action, performance attainments and goal setting.

Filtering options

In case a student face difficulty in selecting the right career option, we help them filter options and pick the one that best suit their interests and goals.

Overseas Education Counselling

Selection of country, university & course

The decision to study overseas is quite challenging for students. There are plethora of options available to them out of which they have to select that works best for them. We help students select the country, university and course to pursue their overseas education.

Guidance on the highest possible scholarship

There are many scholarships available for students who wants to attain education in a foreign country. We guide students on the highest possible scholarship they could get to support their education.

Assistance over education loan, visa interview guidance, application filling, accommodation, etc.

When opting for overseas education, students face challenges in getting education loan, qualifying visa interview, filing application and searching accommodation. Zefinity simplifies all the aspects of overseas education and enables students to start their education in a hassle-free way.