Written Tasks

Students can approach Zefinity to get assistance on a variety of written tasks. This includes:


The students pursuing International Baccalaureate Diploma Program can get help with the following written tasks:

  • Subject-specific TOK- Theory of Knowledge is a core of IBDP and is mandatory for all students. It is assessed through an exhibition and a 1600 words essay. Zefinity help students in writing an essay that focuses on the conceptual issue in TOK.
  • IO- IO stands for Individual Oral and is a primary part of English A Language and Literature. It is usually taken in the first term of the final year of the IB. This assessment constitutes the following things:
    • 10 min spoken analysis of a literary extract and non-literary text
    • 5 min discussion with the teacher focusing on a global issue
  • English HL Essay – HL means Higher Level in IBDP. It includes at least 240 hours of study. When preparing for English HL Essay, you will need to write an essay of 1,200-1,500 words which requires you to construct a focused, analytical argument, examining the work from a broad literary perspective.
  • Extended Essay – Extended essay has a cap of 4,000 words. In order to write an extended essay,  you will first need to research the topic, conduct research around that topic and then start writing.

2. For School Students

  • Common App Essay- The common app essay is a foremost writing sample within the Common Application (a college application portal accepted by more than 900 schools). It is of 250 to 650 words and should consist of 4 to 5 paragraphs. Zefinity helps you better understand the common app essay format and write in a way that impresses everyone.
  • SOP- SOP stands for statement of purpose. The essay is presented to the admission committee and should describe your personality. Since the essay acts as an opportunity to impress the admission committee, Zefinity helps you write it really well.
  • University-specific Essays – Certain universities assess students’ capabilities through essays. These essays help students to convince the admission committees that they’re a good fit. We help students write essays that significantly boost their chances of being selected for the desired university.

3. For College Students [Pursuing]

  • Subject-specific Essays/Assignments- Many a times college students have to write and submit essays on various topics for different subjects. These essays or assignments are given to assess their overall understanding on a particular area.