Have a look over what students has to say about us who successfully completed their journey with us.

"I have gotten an outstanding amount of help from Suresh Sir in both my IB math SL classes as well as SAT Subject. He has helped me move up from a grade point of 5 to 7 in my IB math scores and also got 800 in SAT subject in the last 2 years. Highly recommend it to everybody."

Saloni Mathur

"Suresh Sir has been very helpful in learning new and difficult topics in AAHL mathematics. He helps me when I'm stuck on problems and I do daily exercises to make sure I'm thorough with each topic."

Sai Rishika Talluri

"Mr. Suresh is a humble tutor with a great sense of humor. He has a vast amount of knowledge which he likes to share. He is a man with great patience. He is great at what he does. His style of teaching is a match for everyone."


"I have received a great magnitude of help from Zefinity. Mr. Suresh the math teacher aided me hugely in getting accustomed to IB Math, which was helpful due to my curriculum change. This center has done an excellent job at making IB math easier for me."

Taneesha Reddy

"I have done IGCSE till grade 10. When I moved to IBDP in grade 11, and chose math HL, I found it difficult to adjust to the pace and curriculum of the subject. From an A* In grade 10, my grades in math fell down drastically in the first semester. That is when I heard about Zefinity came to my help. Right from meticulous assistance in IB math, to ACT to getting a perfect 800 on the subject SAT, Zefinity was always supportive. Not only would they teach the subject in depth, but would provide great resources for practice."

Sowmya Yerramsetty_Suresh

"The Learning experience in Zefinity is great and is easily accessible to the students that come here. The Math tuition is especially good as it can really help students to understand the topics which are harder for them at school. For the IB curriculum, the math Tuition by Suresh Sir can really help students understand what is going to come next in their years in IB. Zefinity is overall a great place to learn the things and outs of Math and any other subjects that this institute has to offer."

Radhika Indurkar

"Being an IB student I’m struggling to catch up with all my work apart from academics. Coming to Zefinity has helped me not to stress about the subject Mathematics. In Zefinity my learning becomes more easy and efficient while understanding concepts as my tutor is always ready to help me to the full extent. Suresh Sir has been giving me many practice sheets in the form of IB math problems which enables me to be prepared for my exams at school and helps me to adapt to the questions patterns. Sir not only helps with my problem solving practice, but he also helps me in finishing my internal assessment task which makes me stress on the subject a little less and my learning becomes easier and faster.."

Meghana Reddy Alla

"The Math tutoring at Zefinity is beneficial for me as I can clarify all my doubts here and also get good practice. Suresh Sir has been giving me good practice sheets to do in the class and home which helps me pull upon my grades. I Initially got all 6’s and 7’s but now I’m getting 7’s and 8’s due to immense practice that happens during the classes. The classes are really very productive."

Jasmitha Kantheti

"IB as a curriculum aims at enhancing a student’s critical thinking, communicating and thinking skills. I have always been extremely enthusiastic about solving problems and logically approaching questions, however once I joined the IB, I was taken aback by the complexity of questions and faced numerous challenges. Suresh Sir helped me understand the concept behind each mathematical approach with his engaging explanations and examples. He helped me regain my lost confidence in me. Suresh Sir is extremely sensitive to my needs whilst at the same time pushing me to my limits. His mock papers understanding of assessment criteria and the subject are remarkable. I have been performing extremely well in all my assessments and I can’t thank Mr. Suresh Sir enough. I highly recommend Zefinity and Suresh Sir for all those who have high aspirations and dreams to succeed."

Indusha Yerramsetty

"Zefinity tutoring is really beneficial and the Math class is very informative. I come to Zefinity to work towards taking the PSAT and so far I have learnt so much. Suresh Sir is really a great teacher who is able to help you grasp a concept very efficiently. So far I have a very positive experience at Zefinity and definitely would recommend it to students who need help in bringing up their grades or just learning more in general. I have been learning with Zefinity for about 3 months and in those 3 months Zefinity was able to bring up my grades immensely. I have also been going to English classes in Zefinity with Jeevan Sir and they have also been very helpful. I have learnt so much new vocabulary and I can tell that my reading and writing skills have improved immensely. I have solid proof that Zefinity has benefited me as I frequently take practice tests and the practice test scores boost every time I take a new one."

Anvitha Kollipara